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Ineffective treatments? Don't let a lack of knowledge hinder your success. Our Massage Video Library offers expert guidance, ensuring you use appropriate techniques and achieve desired client benefits like pain reduction and improved mobility.

Worried about professional growth? Stay ahead with our video training. Get valuable insights, stay informed on the latest techniques, and unlock limitless career advancement and earning potential in the ever-evolving field of massage therapy.

• Want to avoid client injury risks? Enhance your knowledge and skills to avoid muscle strains, sprains, and soft tissue injuries caused by incorrect techniques. Education is vital for responsible and informed massage therapists.

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Confidently Stay within the Scope of Practice & Stop Going "Blind"

As a massage therapist, your goal is to make your clients feel better.  How many times, though, are you working on your client and they don't seem to be getting better...and maybe even sometimes feel worse...after sessions with you?  

Or, do you sometimes find yourself doing a certain "ROUTINE" for each massage rather than customizing the therapy for your patient...mostly because you aren't sure WHAT to do for a specific pain or issue your patient may have?

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY MY MASSAGE PRACTICE NEVER TAKES OFF?                                             

      Downsides of not having knowledge of medical massage:

    • May not be able to provide the same level of treatment for clients with specific medical conditions
    • May limit the types of clients you can work with
    • May not be able to identify when a client's condition requires referral to a medical professional
    • This could potentially put your client's health at risk
    • This may result in missed opportunities to provide effective treatment for clients with specific medical conditions.

    Here are the key points about injury to a client and not knowing conditions and injuries:

    • If a massage therapist injures a client while providing massage therapy and does not have knowledge of conditions and injuries, it could result in legal liability
    • Without proper knowledge and training in massage therapy techniques, including medical massage, a massage therapist may not be able to provide appropriate care for clients with specific medical conditions or injuries
    • Massage therapists should have proper training and knowledge of massage therapy techniques, including medical massage, in order to provide safe and effective treatment to their clients
    • Massage therapists should be aware of their scope of practice and should refer clients to medical professionals when necessary
    • If a massage therapist is unsure about a client's medical condition or injury, or if they are not trained in the appropriate techniques to address that condition, it may be best to refer the client to a medical professional or to another massage therapist with the necessary knowledge and training.



Rise to the Top: Mastering Massage Therapy Techniques to Establish Your Dominance in the Local Market 

Applying and Master medical Massage approach with  your client's pain level, strength, weakness, and posture will give you an upper-hand knowledge compared to other therapists while gaining the insights you need to better address the client's pain with confidence.

  • Differentiate yourself from other therapists in the industry by becoming a knowledgeable and skilled therapist.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by being seen as an expert in pain management and relief.
  • Expand your knowledge and skills beyond basic massage techniques, adding value to your practice and setting you apart in the industry.
  • Communicate more effectively with clients about their pain and the treatment process, building trust and confidence in the therapy.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest research and techniques.
I appreciated that the app included a range of techniques, from simple relaxation techniques to more advanced therapeutic techniques. This makes it a great resource for both novice and experienced massage therapists, as well as for anyone looking to learn more about massage.
One thing I particularly liked about the app was the ability to customize my own playlists of techniques. This makes it easy to create personalized sequences for my clients, based on their individual needs and preferences.
Thank you Dorel!

____Bernadete C. , LMT PA

Medical Massage for Conditions & Injuries


So what should you do when a client has a medical condition or an injury?  Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Inside the Condition & Injuries Library, we give you detailed videos that walk you through exactly what you need to know for your client.

You'll gain access to over 83+ videos at your fingertips that you can use during your session with your client.


Migraine & Tension HeadacheCryotherapy & Thermotherapy for Upper Back |TMJ Disfunction | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Frozen Shoulder | Rotator Cuff Injury | Scar Tissue Massage Techniques |Scar Tissue Massage Techniques | Lower Back Pain Massage |Menstrual Cramps | Scoliosis Real Case etc...


As a massage therapist myself, I was excited to purchase this app and see what it had to offer. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and variety of techniques included in the videos. The videos are well-produced and easy to follow, with clear explanations and demonstrations of each technique.
Overall, I highly recommend this app to any massage therapist looking to expand their skills and knowledge. It is a valuable resource that is well worth the investment
____Militza Molina, Student

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Receive a REFUND within 14 days under the following conditions: You must watch the videos, apply them in your practice, and prove that the application didn't work. Email to [email protected] the intake form, SOAP notes, and treatment plan. Make sure you have a HIPPA release form from your client attached to the email. I am very committed to your success & confident that these Videos will improve your practice, knowledge, and accomplishments.

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Unlock our secrets to supporting your clients who are suffering from Lower Back Pain.  Become their new favorite massage therapist!

These videos have an immensely vast array of information, are well organized, and overall a great experience.  You can see that a lot of effort put into these APPs is uncanny. Finally, I have a source to rely on it! 
____ Ashley Young, LMT





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